Sunday, June 26, 2016

Green Drinks Make You Lean

Hi Yall! I'm Violet Moon, Artist/Spokesmodel/Wifey/Mommy..I Lead a VERY busy and active lifestyle.


I must be able to not only KEEP Up with my children, job, social life, work life..etc..but I must be able to THRIVE !!! 

One of my #1 RULES is to always, always enjoy GREENS as much as possible. Greens cleanse your blood and feed and nourish your cells in a way that no other food source can do. 

We are talking about total healing of the body, and mind..and guess what else, your Spirit!! Yes they are so beautifully intertwined together and they all affect eachother like syncronisity!

==========Your Life Experience is highly dependent on your STATE OF HEALTH. Health is truly everything, and LEAN GREENS POWDER can Drastically Improve your state of health and YOUR LIFE Experience...Trust me, I have faced all sorts of health challenges and I know that Lean Greens Powders must be a part of my daily routine to keep my BALANCE ;-)

Speaking of Life Balance,...My GO-TO ONLINE Store for ALL of my Supplements, Including My FAVORITE GREEN DRINK: ORAC ENERGY GREENS, Truly Chocolate, Is Here at : LIFE EXTENSION 


Violet Moon

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